What is lost together looking for?


Buying Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10-5
Sunday: 10-5


Selling Guide

  • Vintage items 20+ years old
  • Modern items bought within the last year
  • Items must be freshly laundered
  • Seasonal buying only, no mixed bags 
  • We do not accept such items as Old Navy, George, Joe Fresh, Urban Planet, Garage, Just Fab, Fashion Nova, Boohoo, Spring, or Ardene
  • Please allow for up to one hour for your buy.


Once your items are evaluated by one of our staff members you will be given a dollar amount offer as well as a store credit offer, your choice, but the payment cannot be split.



Designer Consignment

We also offer a consignment option for those interested in selling their designer pieces. These items must be valued at a resale value of $200 or more to be considered. Items will be placed on the floor for a decided period of time. Once sold the seller will receive 60% of the sale.



Once your item(s) sell, the seller will be paid by cheque or e-transfer.